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Rubbish Removal for Melton

In our industry, we like to think our task is to contribute to the order of things. We serve as rubbish removal experts for Melton, Craigieburn, and Bendigo, among many other towns; we provide a method by which you can turn your property in to a revived, organised lot. But very important to our practice is the dumping ground, where your refuse will eventually go, after your skip bin has vacated your possession.

Some unscrupulous characters around Melbourne have taken to offering a skip bin hire service with some poor dumping practices. One, who is currently engaged in a court battle, rented some property and promptly turned it in to his own private tip – to the detriment of both the property around it, and the owner of the land! Clearly, these are practices that are not desirable in any setting, from either an ethical, or a legal standpoint.

At Skip Hire Group, we take no part in such activity. We prefer to dispose of our rubbish with a clear conscience – at the real tip! While we pay a fee for doing so, we would have it no other way. The state of Victoria is a beautiful place, and it deserves caretakers that will treat it well enough to stay that way for future generations.

We operate a service that puts you, the client, first, and part of that commitment is to safely and effectively dispose of your rubbish. You can rest assured that our rubbish removal methods from Melton to Bendigo to Craigieburn are done in an ethical fashion.

To find out more, or to book your skip bin hire, contact us today!