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Excess refuse and rubbish can provide moree danger than mere annoyance. Messy building sites and yards can provide dangerous trip hazards and hidden dangers for workers, local residents, and pets. They can become hidden in long grasses, and create obstacles for any land users.

Luckily for you, there is Skip Hire Group. Our comprehensive service operates across rural Victoria, providing rubbish removal services to Gisborne and throughout the surrounding area, giving you the perfect chance to take care of any bulk refuse collection problems you may have.

We delivery a huge variety of bins to our clients, locate them in a manner that makes them easily accessed, and return when prescribed to pick them up and dispose of your waste. We offer competitive rates and a friendly professional team, who will go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction with our service.

At Skip Hire Group, we stand for rubbish removal in Gisborne and throughout the area. Contact us today to find out more!

The picturesque town of Gisborne has the distinction of being one of the few towns in rural Victoria that did not begin as a settlement geared towards the Gold Rush. It was founded with the intention of being a pastoralist settlement, and over the years, produced some of the finest merino wool in Australia, a legacy that continues today.

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